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The lighthouse
The lighthouse
Veli Rat is the westernmost settlement on island Dugi Otok, it's situated on a long peninsula, looking on the inner side, on a bay and on Verunić. Veli Rat is mostly known for its lighthouse built on Cape Veli Rat in 1849. Our pages has the aim to introduce the village as well as its surroundings.

The coast below the village itself isn't very fit for bathing and swimming, there is a marina on its western end, and the shore along the village is covered with large pieces of stone. There is only a short section of arranged gravel beach below the pizzeria and the market. A one hour walk or a 5 minutes drive will, however, take you to one of the most famous beaches of the Adriatic, and this is Sakarun Beach. Sakarun Beach with its sandy and gravel shore and spectacular colors is a prime target. Shorter gravel sections can also be found on both sides of the coastline by the lighthouse.

Pebble and gravel beach in Podgarba Bay
Pebble and gravel beach in Podgarba Bay
Accommodation is available in private apartments and in the newly opened camping located next to the lighthouse.

There is a small grocery store in the village with Pizzeria Galeb right next to it. Sakarun Beach has its own beach bar and the small Bar Momi serves its thirsty guests by the lighthouse.

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View from Sakarun Beach
View from Sakarun Beach

2013/07/31 12:48
I'm looking for an accomodation for me, my wife and our little baby. we need an appartement from 12 to 18 of august. please let me know if you have any accomodation available. Daniele

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